Package Set of Hamburger Coaster + Reindeer holder

TWD $1,035

TWD $888

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Product details

product details

Hamburger Coaster 

This hamburger coaster set is made of wool felt which absorbing water quickly.
Five style stand for different intergrdients (oinion, vegetable, meat, tomato, cheese) can be used according to your personal preference.

The burger bun can also be used as a cup lid to prevent objects falling into the cup.

Make your home decorations with creative and fun!

Product Dimension:100 x 100 x 80
Material:Wood、 wool felt


Deer Cup Holder

Our adorable Deer Cup Holder is made of pine wood. 
Its oval shaped base makes it so much more stable.
Even by hanging only one cup, it will not topple. Hangs up to 2 cups.
Can also be used to store and display your favorite accessories.


Product Dimension:110 x 157 x 160

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