Qing Dynasty Chess (Hardcover edition),carpenter


Qing Dynasty Chess (Hardcover edition)

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Product details

The design of Qing Dynasty Chess combines the unique palace culture of the Qing Dynasty which is the most distinctive Dynasty culture in Chinese history.

The chessman intergrates various characters from palace into the chess and you can play it with original chess rules.

Enjoy your fun game!


 With: Chess board, Foldable chess board box, Chessman. 



Chess Board

Product dimensions: 324x324x20(mm)

Material: Maple, Pyinkado


Foldable chess board box

Product dimensions:170x339x102mm (Folded)

Material: Pine



Chessman:  Maple and Walnut

King - 32x26x79mm

Queen - 32x26x74mm

Bishop - 33x26x69mm

Knight - 42x26x61mm

Rook - 26x26x54mm

Pawn - 26x26x51mm

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