[SASAKI] Melody Door Bell (L),carpenter


[SASAKI] Melody Door Bell (L)

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Product details

product details

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Japan Brand - Sasaki Industrial Arts


Melody Door Bell (L)



Sasaki Industrial Arts / Door Melody L

Every time I open the door, I hear the Melody.

Of course, at home, even at shops, people's movements are anxious. When I wash clothes and being cooking, I think that every mom has the experience that a baby walking to the outside unexpectedly got out of the room and made it hi ... However, if you add a fence etc., the room becomes narrow, the flow line is also cut off, it is very inconvenient. This cute "door melody" is to eliminate such troubles. As if it is a design like an interior accessory and the texture of the wood creates a warm atmosphere, so even if you attach it to the door you will not feel a sense of life. Five bars move like a pendulum according to the opening and closing of the door, and tap each string softly. That sound is, of course, not an inorganic sound that tends to be digital, just a melody. Since modern day is filled with digital sounds, you can tell firmly without playing such a big tone. Even if you are in another room, it is a useful item that you can know the movement of a person with that sound.






Owl (L)

Size W185×D48×H220mm
Weight About 480g
Material A body / MDF Oak・MDF Hard Maple・Black Walnut
ball / Jarrah・Beech・Wenge・Black Cherry
Paint Urethane

Yasuragi (L)

Size W170×D50×H230mm
Weight About 540g
Material A body / Black Walnut
ball / Jarrah・Beech・Wenge・BlackCherry・Cornel
Paint Urethane


Beckoning Cat (L)

Size W160×D48×H220mm
Weight About 300g
Material A body / Black Walnut・Castor Aralia
ball / Jarrah・Beech・Wenge・BlackCherry・Cornel
Paint Urethane


Balloon (L)

Size W165×D48×H245mm
Weight About 370g
Material A body / Black Walnut・Castor Aralia
ball / Jarrah・Beech・Wenge・BlackCherry・Cornel
Paint Urethane



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