[Pecker] Piano pendulum clock ,carpenter


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[Pecker] Piano pendulum clock

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Carpenter select
Japan Brand - Studio Pecker 


Piano pendulum clock PF-1


Likely to have hear the airy melody, pendulum clock of the piano.



To every day go too hurriedly, likely giving me the moment when relieved, I will introduce the "pendulum clock" of piano type oozes nostalgic feeling. On the refreshing grain of the dial, and looking at the note who floats happily, you come to calm feelings and nature. When looking at the movement of swaying an arc, I seem to get is involuntarily humming the song. Knowing the Sewashinai hours of the morning in this watch, though it is the same time as the digital display of which has been confirmed at the end of the TV until it receives the feeling is coming to is an indescribably strange changes, looking at the tree, by touching mind clear is born in, come full of nature and smile, such a force might be to have hidden in the tree. It was created this product, the city of furniture that has been nurtured by nature, Hokkaido Asahikawa workshop "Pecker". Continued to work in the center of the craft of rustic wood, particularly parquet technology is fascinated by the quality, such as crafts, is a workshop that obtained the always high evaluation.




Size W260×D50×H350mm
Material Oak etc.
1 battery
Step movement
Paint Oil


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