[Pecker] Parquet pendulum clock,carpenter


[Pecker] Parquet pendulum clock

TWD $9,500

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Carpenter Selecet
Japan Brand - Studio Pecker 

Parquet pendulum clock J

Feel the watch such as canvas, slowly flowing time.


Like, such as those looking at the north of earth from a small window, dial design Zo' the majestic scenery. Hokkaido of the "Biei-cho of the hill" to the image, drew the three types of "landscape", "silo landscape", "balloon". Coloring has been finished in the not at all, a combination of the parts of one by one tree "parquet". Sway while drawing a round pendulum swaying arc under it, and looking at the movement, drifts healing atmosphere with nature, we will also loose the feeling. That know the Sewashinai hours of the morning in this watch, though it is the same time difference as a digital display of, is downright strange charm of feelings varies receive. Looking at the trees, clear is born in mind by touching, it may be that ... such power that comes full of nature and the smile is hidden in the tree. It was created this product, the city of furniture that has been nurtured by nature, Hokkaido Asahikawa workshop "Pecker". Continued to work in the center of the craft of rustic wood, it is always higher workshop that reputation.




Size W220×D45×H305mm
Material Black Walnut etc.
1 battery
Step movement
Paint Oil
Brand Studio Pecker(Hokkaido Higashikawa)


Size W220×D45×H305mm
Material Black Walnut etc.
1 battery
Step movement
Paint Oil


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