[SUZUKI] Magugela,carpenter


[SUZUKI] Magugela

TWD $500

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Japan Brand - Suzuki Studio



In was a blank look eye, charm plenty of facial expressions that ask here.

It is a magnet with motifs inhabiting Hokkaido and part of Honshu as its motif. Close your eyes in a deep woods and listen to the songs of the birds, you will hear the sound poking the tree on a comfortable wind. That is the voice of the directions. In the word of Ainu, it is called "Chepta · Chikap" (meaning of a bird who digines a ship), and all the information transmission of nest making from a meal is established by "poking a tree", so tell me where the bear is It will be a signpost for the voice when you get lost in the forest. Its appearance is as adorable as a wearing a bright red beret.

Suzuki Shuichi of "Suzuki Kobo" handling woodworking craft products with various animals motifs. We set up a workshop in Higashikawa-cho in Hokkaido where nature was nurtured, and "Magugela" was born due to its original sensibility. Not only do not just stop the memoranda etc in the refrigerator with inorganic magnets, but why not try adding a different production.



Size W10×D80×H40mm
Material Hard Maple・Black Walnut・Pradu
Paint Oil


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