[Suzuki] ASHIATO Pen stand ,carpenter


[Suzuki] ASHIATO Pen stand

TWD $600

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Product details

Carpenter select.

Japan Brand - Suzuki Studio


please imagine. , Scenery that follows the ASHIATO.

Suzuki Kobo, who is producing "Pen Stand ASHIATO", produces a woodcraft craft in Higashikawa Town, which is rich in nature adjacent to Daisetsuzan National Park.
Craftsmen who feel such nature close to us will deliver gentleness and warmth together for everyone with a sense of excitement in works using solid wood. Of course for myself and children's desk. Why do not you give a gift "a message after your feet" with gratitude thanks to those who are important as gifts and those who took care of them.


The beauty of solid wood, is felt.

Pen stand ASHIATO has two sizes. Since it is a slim size without waste, placing it on the desk will not get in the way. In both sizes the hole dimensions are 26 mm, 12 mm, 10 mm in order from the largest. You can set up a wide range of writing instruments ranging from thin pencils like pencils to thick ones like magic. It is a pen stand that you can feel "genuine depressedness" unique to solid wood in cuteness.


Size W50×D50×H75mm
Weight 78g
Material Hard Maple・Black Walnut
Paint Oil

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