[KAWASEMI] Jewelry stand of twigs,carpenter


[KAWASEMI] Jewelry stand of twigs

TWD $2,400

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Product details

Carpenter Select
Japan Brand - Stadio Kawasemi

Jewelry stand of twigs

Scenery in the forest is in the room as it is. Loveliness, such as objects.

Hokkaido is one of the leading animal paradise in Japan. Like creature found only at the zoo in Honshu is, we live calmly, surrounded by magnificent nature. Among such number a certain animal, especially what is familiar to residents is might be some people that are surprisingly seems "flying squirrel". In the old days is referred to as the "baby-sitter of God" among the Ainu, the current has been appointed to the design of the IC card that can be used in Hokkaido, idol of the north of the country. For strong vigilance in the nocturnal, the little animal be show up in public, was adopted from the feelings of the creator of wanting to feel more familiar, to the model.


The designer is also the representative of a small workshop "workshop kingfisher" that produced this object, Mr. Naoto Kanazawa. From cute to not childish design, regardless of gender or age, you feel a sense of good to be loved by everyone. In addition, since you are using high-quality materials said to be small items, texture is very "real". The same texture as the expensive furniture, you can easily taste.



Adorable flying squirrels is unexpectedly Kaowodasu from the nest.


It produced a woodworking craft in Asahikawa, Hokkaido and are "workshop kingfisher" is, feel close the tree, put the feelings of the As you can enjoy life with a tree in the works, and the day-to-day activities. This work is one of them. Is a classic character Siberian flying squirrel is, objects that were manufactured in the motif of the figure put out a face from a hole in the tree looking at here appearance is exactly the same as the real thing to live in the forest. You should be able to be familiar feel of nature every time you think of such a spectacle.


Size W170×D68×H187mm
Weight About 320g
Material Ash / Birch / Basswood / Pradu
Paint Oil


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