[Kawasemi] Penholder of the flying squirrel,carpenter


[Kawasemi] Penholder of the flying squirrel

TWD $1,700

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Product details

Carpenter select,

Japan Brand -Stadio Kawasemi

Penholder of the flying squirrel


Suddenly when the line of sight matches, pen stand to become a natural and smile.

Asahikawa, Hokkaido produced the woodworking craft in to that "workshop kingfisher" is, feel close the tree, so that you can enjoy the life of a tree, we are the feelings day-to-day activities put in works with. Pen stand is also the one of the flying squirrel. It is a classic character Siberian flying squirrel is, figure which has seen here how put a face from the holes in the trees, exactly the same as the real figure to live in the forest. And a lot of trees in front of me every time you think of such a spectacle, represents the animal we figure that live there, you should be able to feel close to nature.


Compact size, can also be used at any location.

It does not get in the way on the desk in a compact size. Each hole has a shape hollowed out the solid wood has been independent. Write from 32 · 25 · 12 mm diameter of the holes greater, the depth 30 · 45 · 45mm. Flying squirrels will be able to put the most in a big hole only, but you can put towards the likes direction because they are not fixed. Please note that there is no lower body part such as a leg. In addition, since the hole bottom There is nothing to be a cushion material, please understand and here also superimposed.




Size W90×D50×H50mm
Weight About 132g

Ash / Black Walnut / Basswood

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