[sasaki] Glasses stand,carpenter


[sasaki] Glasses stand

TWD $3,750

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Carpenter select
Japan Brand - Sasaki Industrial Arts

Glasses stand

Firm's it's innocent look. Eliminating the misplacement of glasses.

One of the items that trouble and not found in the case of emergency glasses. Recently or will prevent the blue light emitted from a personal computer or game machine, glasses or me guarded from allergens such as pollen also appeared, it has increased the opportunity to use even good eye. Therefore will be to change the glasses for different scenes, you may forget remains were placed in with the side after use. Us to minimize such trouble, cute and introduce practical the glasses stand.

This product kindness of the tree overflows, stylish design that does not break the atmosphere of the room. Lineup is "dog" and "cat". Of course, lovers pet, until people from the children of our elderly, I hope you enjoy a long time patronize regardless even gender. Material has two available. There is a sense of quality There is only being made to each one carefully in the long-established manufacturers, admissions, employment, is perfect as a gift for various celebrations such as the sixtieth birthday.

Unsparingly using solid wood. Luxury make.

Small is a commodity, but you could see the beautiful grain of the natural wood unique to clearly. It seems to me to bring peace to overflowing contemporary to digital. Moreover, the base is the seam is not there at all. It also luxury of being cut out from the mass of "solid wood" in the supposed that. Pleasant weight gives birth a sense of stability. Immediately overturned by commodity meaningless is not only cute, that balance has also been tightly calculated, it would still say that sense of security of the long-established.

Dog Type

Size W190×D150×H120mm
Weight About 500g
Material Oak / Black Walnut / Castor Aralia


Cat Type

Size W180×D150×H120mm
Weight About 460g
Material Oak / Black Walnut
Paint Urethane

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