[SASAKI] Oil Lighter WOOD Case,carpenter


[SASAKI] Oil Lighter WOOD Case

TWD $3,400

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Product details


Carpenter select
Japan Brand - 
Sasaki Industrial Arts


Oil Lighter WOOD Case


Enjoy the Pleasure of Adult Accomplishment.


These days, most of place is prohibited smoking, so it is hard to find a place to smoke in a relaxed manner. That is especially why we recommend you this gorgeous oil lighter case for you.

The case is made of natural solid wood. The lighter is made in Japan. Comparing to a cheap mass-produced lighter, this oil lighter is hard to blow out by wind. Therefore, it is useful to smoking and outdoor activity. You can keep using the lighter as long as you refill oil. The fragrance of oil is unique and produces the time of adult accomplishment. It will make you feel relax.

Sasaki Kohgei, the manufacturer of this oil lighter case, is established in 1976, and has been producing wood crafts and holding wood working lessons for children for more than 30 years. They have a policy that they never waste any kind of materials, and it comes from their spirit of respect for wood. Their attitude that does not pursue only profit is reflected to their products.

It is using a “Penguin Lighter”, which is made in Japan by an old-established manufacture in Tokyo. It is one size smaller than world famous Zippo, and easy to carry. The moderately heavy weight emphasizes its presence and luxuriousness. You just need to permeate oil into cotton on the bottom of the liter to refill oil. The product includes a user’s guide and a warranty. Why don’t you start using a favorite item instead of disposal one.


Method of oil injection




Size W39×D17×H63mm
Material Black Walnut
Paint Urethane

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