[Suzuki] Paper Knife,carpenter


[Suzuki] Paper Knife

TWD $550

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Product details

Suzuki Studio / Paper Knife Sekirei

We made familiar birds, Sekirei as motif.

It is a paper knife whose motif is the familiar wild bird "Sekirei" seen in the downtown area, as well as a distinctive and straight tail feather as a knife.
It is a wooden paper knife with no blades like a cutter or scissors, so you can use it with confidence. The feeling of comfort when opening a direct mail or a sealed letter is quick feeling. The tree type uses a deep brown black walnut that contrasts with a beautiful maple with white wood skin and the gloss of the aluminum pipe expresses loveliness in the eye part. A sophisticated design shines also in cuteness This paper knife is produced by Suzuki Shuichi of "Suzuki Studio" surrounded by Higashikawa's great nature. The design that fits in your hands will also be an interior, as well as a desk accent.



Because it is an important letter, with a paper knife.

Since it is made of wood, there is no danger of blade such as cutter, and worry of rust is not needed. It is familiar to the hands enough to wear and you can open it pleasantly. It is a natural taste that felt the warmth of trees that matched the modern lifestyle.



Feel the warmth of the tree, Natural taste.

A paper knife feels the warmth of a tree every time I write an important letter. We are making such a craft product that "Suzuki Kobo" in Higashikawa Town will be pleasant to use one by one with the concept of "Fun to use and enjoyable". The finest oil wax is also a gem in which the commitment is gathered, such as using natural harmless ones.


The more you use it, the more you will love her attachment.

Maple's white wood skin and dark brown color of black walnut is a splendid contrast paper knife. Have the function of the knife with the sharp line of the tail feather of "Sekirei", and enjoy attaching attachment every time you use it with ease as it gets familiar with hands, please enjoy such taste.



Size W48×D15×H190mm
Material Hard Maple・Black Walnut

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