[Rinkul] Animal pen walnut (Bear, Lion),carpenter


[Rinkul] Animal pen walnut (Bear, Lion)

TWD $425

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Product details

Carpenter select. 

Craft Rinkul / Animal pen mechanical pencil

Regardless of the age, sex gladly serving recommend writing instrument design.

Indescribably lovely animal face sharp pencil of charm.
In each and every handmade, and since that is expressed only in the color of natural wood without the coloring, drift is not to plastic feeling of luxury, will want to carefully use dish. Axis is a hard rolling hexagon, the body is, of course, what is made of wood to small parts such as knock out the core, I feel even surprised.

The structure was complicated and is a delicate but therefore been shunned form the "writing instruments of the tree", the Suzuki Hosei's small workshop "craft Suzurai" of Asahikawa. On the basis of the woodworking experience and Iron Works of art from an early age, he developed a drilling machine of numerical control, which can be processed precisely to the unit of 0.01mm (NC), to produce the goods that had been difficult until now I was able.

To those of our elderly from students, design delight regardless of the age or gender, perfect as a gift. Affordable price is also attractive, doubling also loveliness if Soroere How many do, is like a small zoo. Brown bear and polar bear, it is a northern country of the workshop unique is also the like are seals.

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