Windows lamp

TWD $2,880

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Product details

product details

The idea is from window. Use color and light refraction to overlap different shadow. The light will show the 

different attraction with alternating woodblocks’ position. Using traditional Japanese woodworking technique to

resent exquisite wood ware.


※Use converter if the voltage isn't 110V.​

Product Dimension (mm):

Tall lamp (mm) :L180 x W180 x H433

Low lamp (mm) : L180 x W180 x H315


All products of Carpenter are handmade, and each composition is unique. Therefore, there will be slight

differences in the manufacture or assembly process. The differences will not affect the appearance and function;

it’s a normal phenomenon. The color and grains of wood will be a little difference caused by growth climate and

various external factors. 


Windows 窗燈,暖光照亮心坎中

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