Nostalgia Tongwan - Combat Team

TWD $695

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Product details

product details

Child's toys are made of natural, simple things together with innocence, with accompany fun, you can play a relish. Like branches can be transformed into a simple slingshot, or turn down the track kept top. Childhood fun is this simple taste.


Ancient called "thousands" in Taiwan is called "dry fun," can be used to predict use with the game.

Can be used to train hand-eye coordination, torque learning to reverse and just the right balance of finger speed control, use of school age for toys.


One kind of ancient hunting tools to be made easily accessible branches.

Art collections can be refined and elegant, but also can be used to shoot. Using readily available toilet paper melted into a ball when bullets, both fun and safe.



size: 彈弓Slingshot - 85 x 140 x 20;陀螺Gyro - 52 x 52 x 52


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