Giraffe phone holder,carpenter


Giraffe phone holder

TWD $585

Shipping options:
  • International Express
  • 7-11 Convenience Store Pickup
  • FamilyMart Pickup
  • 急件運送(限台灣本島)
  • Home Delivery
  • In-store Pickup
Payment options:
  • Bank Transfer
  • LINE Pay
  • Credit card Installment
  • Credit Card
  • ATM Virtual Account
  • WebATM
  • 超商條碼(台灣限定)
  • UnionPay Card
  • 7-11 iBon
  • AFTEE Pay

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Product details

product details

The pronunciation of Giraffe in Taiwanese is pronounced as Kirin. Kirin has a meaning of auspiciousness.

Hope this phone holder can remind you that you can be strong just like the Giraffe's neck and stand strong in life.

Reveal your outstanding talent to win a victorious life.



Product dimensions (mm): 92 x 82 x 96

Material:Walnut, Beech

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