Animal Pot (1 pair)

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Product details

product details

Brighten your mood by having some greens around you.Reward yourself with an animal friend that can carry your

plants for you. Soothe your body and mind by taking in more natural phytoncide. Each and every work is different,

naturally bred with different outlooks and characteristics. Whether is it succulent, cactus or mint, they will grow

and fluorish together with you. Let's better our lives by making your own pot of greens, bringing positive energy

and good mood into our lives.

There are three types of animal pots to choose from: lions, elephants and calves.


♥Course Experience

Choose your favorite design of our wooden animal pot and plants (To be chosen from the available types of plants on-site due to different living conditions and availability).

♥Workshop Duration: 20-30 minutes

♥Handicraft: 2 Animal Pots (Elephant, Lion, Cow)

♥Workshop Price: NT$880



Class locations

No.4-12 Jiuzun Rd., Houli Dist ., Taichung City421 , Taiwan (R.O.C) 


1. Succulents are micro-rooted, if they are dropped accidentally, just put them back to the soil and they will be

firmly rooted within 10 days.

2. The plants do not need much water, suitable to be placed indoors or places with sunlight, water them once

every 4-5 days.

3. Unable to prebook plants type, as plants availability depends on their growing conditions. Plants will be

different for every seasons. 


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