Dinosaur World

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Product details

product details

Incorporating natural wood with the different styles and shapes of dinosaur building blocks and a scenery storage bag. Parents and children can better understand the dinosaur world while developing a good habit of cleaning up after playing.

Different style of dinosaur blocks allow children to understand the theory of center of balance through fun playing. 

Each set includes 10 dinosaur blocks, 4 landscape blocks, a scenery storage bag and the iconic volcano packgaing.

Characteristics explanation:

-Dinosaurs introduction card - explanation of their looks and characteristics.|
-Dinosaur blocks - After learning about them from the introduction card, learn to balance them.
-Scenery storage bag - Develop the good habit of cleaning up after playing. Quick storage and easy to bring along.
-Lava paper cards - Find a way to help the dinosaurs survive from volcano eruptions.
-Multiplayer game - When playing with two or more players, take turn to stack the blocks, whoever makes it fall loses.






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