Fortune Toad Coin Bank,carpenter


Expected delivery :2022/05

Fortune Toad Coin Bank

TWD $5,800

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Shipping & Payment
  • International Express
  • Home Delivery
  • In-store Pickup
  • 急件運送(限台灣本島)
  • Bank Transfer
  • LINE Pay
  • Credit card Installment
  • Credit Card
  • ATM Virtual Account
  • WebATM
  • UnionPay Card
  • 7-11 iBon
  • FamiPort
  • AFTEE Pay

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Product details

OASIS Indoor Hydroponic Vegetables Culture System


Hydroponic gardening is a great way to grow lots of vegetables all year-round. 


Since the hydroponics system doesn’t rely on soil, sun, or weather, it is possible to grow food regardless of the season. 


Carpenter & Ability International Tenancy Co., LTD  aim at green and sustainable in development.

Green life starts from home.

Plant easily, enoy with peace of mind. Let’s get rid of the Plant KillerTitle.


Multifunctional & Home Aesthetics optimize our life and health!


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