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Product details

product details

Rubber band gun comes back again. Player can shoot the rubber band continually. Want to be a sharpshooter? Come to make dreams come true. Include three targets, shoot anyone you want.

Product Dimension (mm):L350 x W155 x H30
Packing Dimension(mm):L400 x W190 x H65


         All products of Carpenter are handmade, and each composition is unique. Therefore, there will be slight differences in the manufacture or assembly process. The differences will not affect the appearance and function; it’s a normal phenomenon.
The color and grains of wood will be a little difference caused by growth climate and various external factors. 

        The products are made by wood, and the color and grains of wood will be influenced by the growth climate and various external factors. In addition, due to the restriction of timber size, some parts of products are made by plywood. The climate variation may cause thermal expansion and contraction, and the contraction range will be different because of timber density. If the wood appears tiny chink, it’s natural phenomena.

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